Nov 30, 2017

thank you for opening new adventures  dan  
for getting me varmt-up  og  self-esteamed!  bill.

Nov 29, 2017

neverending white supremacist terror rains
we are all black lives   click  

Nov 26, 2017

gala anniversary stuff is rollin'
visit now or later  folks  
1/1  9.5"  vintage  ink-jet  studies  for pleasure and sale

Nov 23, 2017

i need a dam 'donate' button
we had an unused one here in '07
Fuji X-T20  w/18-135mm = 1900$  hey! tax 
i dream real hard   pray not

paypal is cool -

you chuckle  fa sho!

Nov 17, 2017

10th anniversary gala preview

Nov 15, 2017

we catalyze since 2007
and this is sort of us in '07,8,9?

Nov 12, 2017

no melodrama  Dan  to your-points  I read you  You got threatening health stuff + +    
no melodrama  to me-points  
my parents were disjointed  fearful  anxious  absent
since my 1st migraine at 12 years old  I thought I was dying
= vision-memory-speech lost  2 hours  no one diagnosed until I was 41   luckily only ±1 per year
anxiety attacks started at age 25  you'd wanna die   found celexa at age 57  evened me out    stroke-like migraines  I got 'used to'
the facts of race in this usa and beyond  have been issues since I was  maybe 15
Why do you think I am  Black-dismissed-underdog-sick-excluded-capitalist-etc  obsessed?! 
So much shit to go around  Bror  stretch n take-care Dan  Os  Bill
Our punch 'em line  Dan  
We're gonna be here a lot longer than we ever thought we'd be