Dec 31, 2017

i wanted to be a badass fucker
'50s   beach-sand-kicked-in-my-face    turnaround-asskicker     ho ho
years go
i just wanted to be a good fucker
the psych of me  demands hormones impotence sex love anger size control giving +?+   
unholy shit mix
too often   too-soon  squirts n done shit

i am one lucky fucker

Dec 28, 2017

Canna-gella oil from RaheNi  os us

Dec 25, 2017

ditt skjæveland galleri
så bra
flyr der oppe
o  dan
bli sparken  bror

Dec 17, 2017

The Pere Ubu Story with David Thomas

thank you marc james leger for the ぺれ うぶ to worship

Dec 10, 2017

most remarkable event with brother frank and me
next-to  finally chasing me around the yard in red head fury  1949  escaped
2016 frank was in  not-fun  advanced dementia   all functions
at his fine communal care place  we were eating dining room lunch
i was self entertainingly word poking the infamous aggressive old guy
as he ritualistically ordered women out of their seats - they were his seats!
out of the dining area - frank stops - looks stern at me
don't fuck around   these are my people

Dec 9, 2017

just head resting . . . . . me too

Dec 8, 2017

you up!   i lie down.
i lie down wit my .com    braketime   10 years   not tired
bet i get the d5600/18-140 = faux-affordable = fony-unentitling
and remember this
pleie / forsiktig med hva du sier  bror
i love love this   
gå lett med meg

Dec 7, 2017

amidst the very humongous shitloads of human natural conundrums n ghastlies
we have our teeny leaps of joys n quantums  to share

Dec 6, 2017

if i pop out of a cake naked 
i finally learned how to eat marijuana 
it will be on utube
we 'finished' this today, 10 years, nick+ and bill+  up n down ... up   over
(( i never could smoke it ))

Dec 5, 2017 is made for you by nick + i  w help from our loves  monet  nancy  +++
nicholas jarvis powers   i watched him build this since 2007
evolution - every code move - i loved it - i love it
i did my bits n pieces
he does too

Dec 4, 2017

79-yr-old entitled-spoiled off-white boy wakes
no no nonononono no  li'lbilly   you will not get that $$$fuji$$$
i got my funky-swell d80 w/28-105macro    ¡diddle-me-own-self!
nancy's car could die-collegeloans-mortgage-whatevers    m4bl

Dec 3, 2017

"Everyday Feminism"   please!

Dec 2, 2017


Dec 1, 2017

white-super-privileged rob us over and over