Jun 22, 2017

Be working on this mini-documentary* since '38-'63​
A Theory-Spirit of Amazement
In This Age Of Global Capitalism-Technology-Abuse Of The Other +
website*    now*    others* 

Jun 19, 2017

some fathers

I'm most engaged here now:
I hope you see.
Os  Bill


Jun 18, 2017

It's fathers days to Thank You!
The ones who were dealt us ... and deal. 
Amazing adventures we share!  
Os  a father

Jun 14, 2017

Os This New Museum Imagines A World Where Capitalism Is Dead

Jun 13, 2017

wat you know about  my new sony
i just use it
hair?!  need head-extensions here
Thank you for this camera Dan  
i sold all my swell-enough leftovers

Jun 12, 2017

Read  Naomi Klein  asap!

Jun 5, 2017

Os  us all

Jun 3, 2017

bully's pull-pit . . . silence      +authentic bull-shit

Jun 2, 2017

Lo-Fi Dylan Gautschi    MajorPowers&TheLo-FiSymphony
camera use me ok

Jun 1, 2017

I'm most engaged here now:
I hope you see.  
Os  Bill

May 31, 2017

art-world miss us

on-time Flickr bus

Os ⇆ us

May 27, 2017

trade-offs large
3 times I make moves to get most-all my pictures up at Flickr 
= i lose all previous connections when the old editions are disappeared
luckily for moi - I'm resting my brief diddling cases . . . at Flickr

May 25, 2017

our owned world    full of it
amazing     horror      joy

May 23, 2017


May 21, 2017

Wai you all moved me n mine to a next very good place!!!!! 
It was all worth my li'lbilly-screw-ups!
!: the mouse n keyboard do it all - now that i actually read n did the set-ups!
+: all SuperDuper back-uping in order after the week = in the bank
TimeMachine & CrashPlan rollin
I am one  lucky-to-have-you  goof-baller  Bill

May 16, 2017

! Thank you for all your "good luck" thoughts and acts (re lost files)
cool   it felt like the DalaiLama was actually in the house   well  i never
my Mac came back   with picture-files
I bought a new 4Tb backup
I have a backup to keep at the bank
I have CrashPlan
i have a tendency to want to tidyup   cleanhouse   pushbuttons    leap
suicidal stuff  D   like ice cream   dairy  sugar  n  sitting     
so far so lucky  D    i'm gonna reform   BD

May 15, 2017

Luckily i started reading the Dalai Lama before i diddled my Mac & Lightroom files!
I'm ready for small-files from the website and Flickr!
4x6s anyone?! đŸŒ€️🌈
it's all 'amazing' ...
... it's all 'amazing' ...


May 14, 2017

 Thank You ! 
  us all ....

May 13, 2017

1st time ever
love my camera
my DS gifted  Sony RX10
Grateful Bill
?! soon I will get a program to develop-arrange-store my files  a g a i n . . .  y  ...
?! a fresh-start
!!  Mac y Lightroom5 remain in ICU
mixed emojis

May 11, 2017

Tsering fixed our unexpectedly $ complex sewer
it got quiet
there's always a time for  kindness  empathy  Dalai Lama
Beethoven  piano concertos  Alfred Brendel
even my li'lbilly zumba
oh  the mirror stuff

May 9, 2017

mac & files in intensive care
crashplan's effect in limbo after 1st surgery
$ wont buy me love   but it might save my files    again
lost?!   cool   go small planet   eco-downsizing   
we can print 4x6s off the li'l website n flickr files
gotta love it  eco"HAHA"

May 7, 2017

? they are bound together in lifes and arts
art histories more inform our FORMs
the history of cultures more informs our CONTENTs
they interact and are one   and many
like it  or no      
conscientiously  or un        
mostly Os

May 1, 2017

i crashed me Mac wit Lightroom files
Dalai Lama
nuff said

Apr 28, 2017

i disappeared Mac  Lr5 picture-files into black hole thursday  null    0
i slept good  knowing your crashplan be fer idiot-me
i actually believe i found it all 
oh Dan    i was trying to free up space on me filling 3Tb mac     
get me a cage    li'lbilly

Apr 27, 2017

art history message to ds:
+ + +
ok > munch
de kooning 
+ -
+: music in the background +

Apr 26, 2017

we don't eat-out since even before the '08 crash...learned not to miss stuff
Esther knows = brought us a Fat Apple's rhubarb-raspberry pie + van-ice
stuff does not last

Apr 25, 2017

Hi Bill,
Taking a long look at the flickr account and I've gotta say (disclaimer: Dave,as you know, is not an art world professional, just a guy that looks - and thank the fates for that) you're doing work now that is as good as or better than you've ever done.  Thanks and praises!
Love,  Dave
b.s. I just freed up some wall space!  Unclear on your current pricing strategy.  $199 plus cost?  My music income slush fund is stacking up.

Dave   i can't say yet if i agree with your  "as good as or better"    
it takes me so much look-feel time to make my educated "yes"
there are always the few i have an immediate affinity for   i think.   
   worse   as good as or better   bill

Apr 22, 2017

ohh  this past week   today
w/long-soft-push from Nancy   og Norway-Dan's
I finished "vaulting" = vintage prints ready for the foggy $ future
signed  sleeved  boxed   all are in my 3x7 studio under-the-stairs
999+   4x6s   5x7s   8x10s    239-Dan-printed 10x10s    11x14s +
Y'all come

Apr 20, 2017

Charlie liked me because I was an older irreverant
literally   I practiced daily farting in chapel   +
who's Charlie?
Charlie Webb   Midland  '52 - '55   quiet fit-in  misfit
later  "The Graduate"  n sold the rights fer $10k
li'l dumbass ?     $ rebel     role model !
we drank wild turkey n talked-shit
VW bus  in his camp-ground  đŸ’™   the '80s
what reminded?   saved n found:

who's Wheeler?  our Midland comrade    later:
lost Charlie - last word   he n Eve were nudist camping in England
very sadly   Wheeler is gone

Apr 19, 2017

I'm waiting til age 88 ... 98 to get really depressed about not selling

Apr 17, 2017

answer to a fellow Flickr guy:
You are very welcome  Kellee!
I happened to use a camera when there were relatively few of us
Now  we are many many
Flickr is a fine showplace to discover beauties
"the institutions" are sadly missing
I don't miss "the institutions" at all  but  the people in them!
My pleasure  Bill

Apr 16, 2017

where have i been?
Thanks again fa-sho! Happy I re-found them. (his pictures on Flickr)
This is the page for my personal faves 
which I edit and move around, over time-fun-consumption
+:  sweet x-pro1 tech SF. leica to fuji - mine always look so preferably-lovably crude. finally found my 'last' machine:  sony's rx10 = I don't need no stinkin' sensor ...

Mar 29, 2017

i'd best get out here n there  takin' pics  r  i won't have a head ta piss on

Mar 26, 2017

we must confront our centuries old consciousness
white-supremacy   white-privilege   white-entitlement
slavery - the means to capitalism's 'success'

Mar 13, 2017

Nancy did not have the opportunity to live with a 'mature' person

Mar 11, 2017

coming ... here  
probably my last camera  
damn lucky offwhite-boy  w/Leica glass
Sony RX10

Mar 9, 2017

i just fucking played the age card
bad ol'li'lbilly

Mar 8, 2017

The thing about our BIO-CV-Résumé 'business'
+/- It is about speculations-​capitalism​-'culture'-time-place-chance
luck-color-gender-politics connections ​ and truckin'...
Unless we live 'in-common'
We would still have to KEEP ON TRUCKIN'... in our commonist towns!

Mar 5, 2017


Mar 1, 2017

Re:  Bernie's J Street speak  I sent you
Hello Jewish Man (who invited me to talk over lunch)
I finally found a way to your responding
I have agreed to disagree with no-one I can recall🎭
That's probably because I never heard from them again
You are not no-one   so I just can't agree to ... bla bla  
&  I try very hard to do touchy-stuff  only with people I agree with
If I were Jewish  I'd probably say this n that
Too many dead and dying in your history  for me to do a lunch-over  
Bernie  Chomsky  Klein  Oz +  do happen to speak for me   
There's no missing talk talk 
I'm mostly sad  and amazed by all of us 
Thank you  that was good food  and didn't cost a cent

Feb 26, 2017

an election process that brought out our best capitalist selves
Bernie would have won 
this president talks an explosive adventure in values clarification
! will Folks get harmed beyond our capitalist 'norms'

Feb 22, 2017

So many generous You-People have visited my pictures
at  Flickr  Fb  + +
This sharing is why I happily left picture-postcarding
Os  Bill

Feb 18, 2017

Flickr chain de license-fun started w/this picture, "Oakland":
  • Superbe clichĂ© !
  • I love cliche:
    "a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.
    the old clichĂ© “one man's meat is another man's poison.”
    synonyms: platitude, hackneyed phrase, commonplace, banality, old saying, maxim, truism, stock phrase, trite phrase, old chestnut ... "

    I don't like "shot" (cliché also means 'shot')
  •  I think Robbe-Grillet's Cliches were pretty original. Wait, his title was InstantanĂ©s. (Same difference: clichĂ© instantanĂ©.) Love this photo for the pathos and the surprise the eye feels as it moves left to right. Prayer: what good is it unless it brings us in communion with the earth? And no safe place for a spirit like this one, who "cannot" be seen as spirit. Body. Slave. "Amusement." Stolen child. But the way the hand in contact seems to be asking, "Are you alright?"
  • WK! rockin' willy encore
    You 'Write' Good!
    (1970-72 AlainR-G, JCage, J-LGodard, RCrumb, VietNam, SNCC, et al the BS de l'humanité ... in-forced my art teaching at Berkeley High! We also did Joy!) Os

    • Those are good times, good minds.
    • the intensity-engagement of all (w/camera & joie) probably saved my head de fissures plus profondes
      alors Celexa est arrivé dans les années '90s
      The point being, You Head-Write Good, WK!
    • I love these events   but comprendre pourquoi - non  
  • Feb 16, 2017

    all i can think is  rhubarb pie    w/vanillaicecream    been ages
    Thank You for your letter, Ms X, USPS person
    My Norway package just arrived!
    I don't  blame or mess with workers!
    Stuff happens   under pressures   make small $$$
    'customers' can mostly be spoiled lucky entitled usa dudes 
    with heads in sands of time & place & others!
    capitalism's babes   us all   hope we do save many from worse

    Feb 14, 2017

    WE*TRADE  see us right down below ...  
    Pictures for dollars  from $199  including shipping with Os
    Oakland - San Francisco Bay Area+
    Quite still straight street camera photo computer picture maker
    Hunting the surfaces of our time 
    For striking signs of this human adventure - possible pictures
    Thru my camera + thru my iMac/Lr5 + edit edit 
    Here is my picture-sense of this life, like yours, worth sharing 
    Very grateful for Flickr >>> love it since 2008

    Feb 12, 2017

    I Honor You, Your Pictures, and Visits,
    us: NancyDulberg, NickPowers, EstherDulbergDane, me, MonetZulpo-Dane, MosesDulbergDane...where's RomyMidnight(Zulpo-Dane)Powers?
    my Valentines     everyone's older now  but me