Dec 11, 2017

"tweakers"  do meth +
now  they do slider-bars  ps  lr5     epidemic stuff
i tried it

Dec 10, 2017

most remarkable event with brother frank and me
next-to  finally chasing me around the yard in red head fury  1949  escaped
2016 frank was in  not-fun  advanced dementia   all functions
at his fine communal care place  we were eating dining room lunch
i was self entertainingly word poking the infamous aggressive old guy
as he ritualistically ordered women out of their seats - they were his seats!
out of the dining area - frank stops - looks stern at me
don't fuck around   these are my people

Dec 9, 2017

just head resting . . . . . me too

Dec 8, 2017

you up!   i lie down.
i lie down wit my .com    braketime   10 years   not tired
bet i get the d5600/18-140 = faux-affordable = fony-unentitling
and remember this
pleie / forsiktig med hva du sier  bror
i love love this   
gå lett med meg

Dec 7, 2017

amidst the very humongous shitloads of human natural conundrums n ghastlies
we have our teeny leaps of joys n quantums  to share

Dec 6, 2017

if i pop out of a cake naked 
i finally learned how to eat marijuana 
it will be on utube
we 'finished' this today, 10 years, nick+ and bill+  up n down ... up   over
(( i never could smoke it ))

Dec 5, 2017 is made for you by nick + i  w help from our loves  monet  nancy  +++
nicholas jarvis powers   i watched him build this since 2007
evolution - every code move - i loved it - i love it
i did my bits n pieces
he does too

Dec 4, 2017

79-yr-old entitled-spoiled off-white boy wakes
no no nonononono no  li'lbilly   you will not get that $$$fuji$$$
i got my funky-swell d80 w/28-105macro    ¡diddle-me-own-self!
nancy's car could die-collegeloans-mortgage-whatevers    m4bl

Dec 3, 2017

"Everyday Feminism"   please!

Dec 2, 2017


Dec 1, 2017

white-super-privileged rob us over and over

Nov 30, 2017

thank you for opening new adventures  dan  
for getting me varmt-up  og  self-esteamed!  bill.

Nov 29, 2017

neverending white supremacist terror rains
we are all black lives   click  

Nov 26, 2017

gala anniversary stuff is rollin'
visit now or later  folks  
1/1  9.5"  vintage  ink-jet  studies  for pleasure and sale

Nov 23, 2017

i need a dam 'donate' button
we had an unused one here in '07
Fuji X-T20  w/18-135mm = 1900$  hey! tax 
i dream real hard   pray not

paypal is cool -

you chuckle  fa sho!

Nov 17, 2017

10th anniversary gala preview

Nov 15, 2017

we catalyze since 2007
and this is sort of us in '07,8,9?

Oct 14, 2017

act local
remember global

Oct 13, 2017

¡ ! umbrella group - including BLACK LIVES MATTER
One year ago today we released A Vision for Black Lives: Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom, and Justice. A #Vision4BlackLives is the result of a year-long process grounded in the shared belief that together we can end the war on Black people, repair harm that has exploited and killed Black people, reinvest, and attain the political and economic power necessary to determine our own destiny.
Read and share with comrades, neighbors and friends to celebrate the one year anniversary of the platform!

Oct 11, 2017

indulgence - with flickr mate:
I'm really struck Bill as you post these by both the originality and the huge breadth of the way you see and record the world; it's a huge pleasure ( and an education too) to see each new posting...
michael i read you = grateful bill
we are flickr to share - it works statistically
seldom will we connect soul-fully
thank you ms - it's all worth it this minute

Oct 7, 2017

horses n cats here
when i was 4
my dad no older
told me our dog muffet was his
my mother just lay down   waited 8 years for the divorce

Oct 5, 2017

Oct 1, 2017

place us
pre chem ice hot age
in-progress nazi usa+
pre nuc holocaust 
bacterial implosion
extinction by gmos
kill thy colorful neighbors 

Sep 29, 2017

pretty desparate times,  j
time the usa got way more tastes
be dishin' out shit for everyone else
got the ultimate capitalist moron wit nuke button
sorry to go ... not!
be well,  b

Sep 27, 2017

steve kerr:
“How about the irony of, ‘Free speech is fine if you’re a neo-Nazi chanting hate slogans, but free speech is not allowed to kneel in protest?'” Kerr added. “No matter how many times a football player says, ‘I honor our military, but I’m protesting police brutality and racial inequality,’ it doesn’t matter. Nationalists are saying, ‘You’re disrespecting our flag.’ Well, you know what else is disrespectful to our flag? Racism. And one’s way worse than the other.”

Sep 25, 2017

can we fucking believe all this    
it is sure as shit known  
supremacy uber alles 
here and there

Sep 17, 2017

i really believe we'll end up this week full on truckin'...

Sep 13, 2017

nick n bill be.
website up n semi-truckin'...

Sep 6, 2017

the awful consequences of capitalist,  white-supremicist,  christian colonization are planetary.

Sep 3, 2017

we-sick     now-complicit ? !
It Is Happening Here+ + +
1500 ad >------------>--------->>------------>>>-->

Sep 2, 2017

i could fill pages every day with links to articles re: our usa
sickness-health    better-worse     worser      soul-crushing   horrors
Portside  is my place   among many

Sep 1, 2017

see william keckler pictures  here   please

Aug 31, 2017

vicarious adventures are not pitiful   
stoked here     you have fun there too   Os  

Aug 23, 2017

one picture reminds:
3 times i crashed me Lr5 - store-files & edit place
lost many files & originals  '69 - '17 
probably just swell enough - anti-hoarder measures
I made myself blackout 
once in a month, "oh  that was one of 'em ... "

Aug 22, 2017

Flickr Sharing works   for me  with this privileged-audience   low-cost   lotta-work
Hella different than 69,000 postcards  to mostly repeat-folks   35 years  costly
1/2 a million picture-views   10 years    my friends have even more   
O (  Flickr   Faves    we share happy     

Aug 21, 2017

intro to my Flickr Galleries For Others :
art-world+ miss us
Thank You All !
Flickr is our amazing pictures resource
commonist - connections - adventures
we share shit and joy - our 'places'
givers⭅ ⭆receivers
This way-more-inclusive sharing is us
I will continue editing until . . . Os, Bill

Aug 20, 2017

Thank You for being here and There !
slowly I put up all my pictures at Flickr
Thank You !
you find me at
Simply   I can not always respond to you.
Hoping the best for all of us  Bill

Aug 18, 2017

Read all about it
Been recommended
"Digital Marx"
"The Net Delusion"
Thank You
I'm "Talk Of Love" Ann Swidler

Aug 17, 2017

THANK YOU Nick i'm not screaming  
it is all getting together  Bruh   duh bill
​I am so grateful for all your parts  Nick  
I am living this dream  I could not dream​
dam pompoustic shit!?   Love this our   to-be

Aug 16, 2017

Jan  always a treat for me to find you here n there . . . 
Nick (sun-in-law-beard) and I were ready to fire up our re-tooled website yesterday discovered that adobe has all but frozen out an old program "Cs3"  $$$$$$$$$hit
Nick used it to build the/his picture-display beauty 
oh shit we spent hours lookin fer a version no luck yet 
He may redo/retype the code for each of the fucking 875 pics 
dam i could edit down ta 7 r 9 pics! 
I would force dollars into his ears gotta HAHA 
Os ​ta-be​ flickr others BLM SURJ ILEN​ JVP​ HRC +

Aug 13, 2017

duh - I loved reading your bio stuff again - duh & play good Caravan tonite
the 'duh'  will be my fave for a bit   thanks DylanBob    where's your baby
I want to find a link to your series of moneylaundering videos   kickstartMP&TL-FS?
what was that cool shit . . . HERE THEY ARE
Os  flickr  duh

Aug 12, 2017

the only stuff standing between you and ours    
is shows and desires + duh   
Os  flickr  

Aug 11, 2017

Thanks Peter!
Now I wait for MajorPowers,
to halt messin wit music & re-tool the website - in our chairs
Next week looks like a go...
Same pictures as Flickr.
Oh Peter ... it's been years in me makin' . . .
BigPicture?! who the fuck cares?!
Yucks n Os   Bill

Aug 8, 2017

well  Dan
being re-libbed   again!   seeing me pictures thru n thru agin  agin + again   
I must needs make more changes   again   
knowing  it's really-actually a 'who-cares' situation   
nevermindthat    I am so lovingly invested  it feels like me-wee-life is hangin'...  
real pleasure it is   Bill.

Aug 6, 2017

off-white boy babbles on
by chance  dueness   obtuse
good luck for all of us  
Bill Dane

Aug 5, 2017

I took down all my Flickr pictures   agin
had-to   needed    musty
and agin   I'm almost done

Aug 4, 2017

In 2007 website born
Monet Zulpo-Dane and Nicholas Jarvis Powers​ -​ duet:
"The Internet will get your pictures out-there".
I began getting them out-there in 1969 with photo-postcard mailings 
69,000​+​ mailed.
Now​! ​ soul​+ unchaining:
The pictures I want you to see will be here at Flickr  and ​​
Nick and I are building this Website together
Nick, WebMaster, does computer-tech, form, content, humor, music, spirit.
I hope that my sense of this life in the form of these pictures turns out to be worth sharing. 
Os  Bill  

Aug 3, 2017

finished and uploaded all to Flickr
Grateful Bill

Aug 2, 2017

holydays cashflow horizontal      i need asap

Aug 1, 2017

this li'l lib looks like this  Flickr    
Os  me
+:  well  that only took 78 years+

Jul 31, 2017

   off-white boy bumble babble on . . .  chance-privilege-luck.....   

Jul 30, 2017

So many generous You-People visit our pictures here Flickr n theres, websites,fb,twitter,pinterest, +++
This way-more-inclusive sharing is why I left picture-postcarding & +
((( ok  yes  of course i make more out of all this than any f...
Folks who dont get me  are very pissed-off  that I took down all me past 
Flickr pictures and destroyed all the links folks had to them 
but  Why would I leave up pictures that are not 'real'
I laugh too ... ya have ta be some kinda foo.... 
Os, billyfoo, 8/3/2017 ... "HAHA... William Thacher Dane  too..
REAL are up now
'art-world' miss us
working on this mini-documentary* since '38 ('63​):
Spirit/Theory of Amazement
In Our Age Of Global Capitalism/Technology/Abuse Of The Other/+ + )))

Jul 29, 2017

Dan asks what 'sparked the re-visit' to my pictures' origins
smokin   sparks flyin round fer these past 10 years  Dan    
there's a time for every season    
Os  Bill                   

Jul 27, 2017

know anyone trustworthy
so much gone   going on
how's it possible
i missed it
not conscious yet
I trust Nancy

Jul 26, 2017

dan bill
dont try ta make pictures with tweaks   trust the you that saw what you-camera saw
i am a slow  late bloomer   if anything

Jul 25, 2017

"this will take time...", i said...

Jul 24, 2017

just finished all me  Flickr  fb  website  info-updating  
stuff seems quite 'orderly'     
waiting for buddha to bless ... something!  
this blank space _____________________  represents centuries - billions of folks
i wait my turn
Thanks  Os  li'lbilly 

Jul 23, 2017

me rescue liberation is on here 
amazements  soul  dignity   pictures  
weeks of editing   I love it    Thank you  Bill

Jul 22, 2017

rescue-liberation is on here n there
epiphanic moments are stretching me out
i have sinned with computer and programs
done the dirty picture tweak in private   for years
then  put my business in the street
i will be done
dumbass   i   i & i  me me 
self seducted    
diddlin' ala devo     shamed
it felt so evolutionarily natural
lightroom5   it's only photoshop junior
I feel a lifting now  
fuck piles of hours of untweaking stretching out      
wonder what I'll actually feel  think tomorrow  about my pictures
I assume half could even be black n white    
Liberation     back to origins  surely
+:  I love this back-to adventure

Jul 21, 2017

Thank You.
Thank Flickr.
'art-world' miss us

working on this mini-documentary* since '38 ('63​):
Spirit/Theory of Amazement
In Our Age Of Global Capitalism/Technology/Abuse Of The Other/+ +
website*    now*    others

Pictures from $99+
at our website

Jul 17, 2017

still editing all pictures 1969-2017
will re-tool the website
? me n Nick ready ?

Jul 15, 2017

Waka  William wrote me:
:)  I close my eyes kids on swings in the night

Jul 13, 2017

Jul 7, 2017

My brother Frank died this year
They made a fine party
People said really wonderful things
Francis Smith Dane III   1940-2017
Let me tell you   you didn't know the real Frank
Of course you did!
It was Frank and I   hardly  knew each other

Jul 5, 2017

godnatthistorier . . . ?  goodnightstories ... ?:
spille / arbeid / livets-glede    play / work / life-joy
I am completely re-editing / tweaking / numbering-sequencing
all my pictures for the re-tooled website to be
down to 1029 pics  from 2k  in the 3 eras  + 3 truckin' eras
fik mik   I gotta re-type-number-place-date  each fookn' one    grunt o grudgy doo
I Love It    amazements a go go 

Jul 4, 2017

Mose   you wonder   why fire on 4th of july?
many 'holydays' are for friends n wonders . . . 
your mom is my friend and wonder +++

Jul 2, 2017

never did mother Edith Thacher do the me & yale talk
bless her commie soulo
all those relatives in the graveyard (Nancy w/Esther n Moses found them)
to know my grandfather W.L.Thacher  was a  'skull n boner'

Jul 1, 2017

did i do EST w/o knowing?!
watch commie trader cash flow a go go
Os  li'lbilly goo

Jun 27, 2017

you can better just wait til you see it when I finish all this picture editing of all my pictures and some tweaking too + dam is the website gonna lead to some actual commie cash flow_ering 
Nancy helps me too  + bits of residuals for TheDS?
oh  i will never be entitled enough to match the shit 
the '40s & '50s planted in coastal whiteboy heads 
dam jesus just sat there n lapped it-us up   for better n worser

Jun 24, 2017

too bad Mao didn't see buddhism//communism 
Castro was in jesus country

Jun 23, 2017

going to Flickr can be like going to cool school

Jun 20, 2017

for me Köln is  Böll n Stockhausen ... t zander wrestled, Os

Jun 19, 2017

some fathers

I'm most engaged here now:
I hope you see.
Os  Bill

Jun 18, 2017

It's fathers days to Thank You!
The ones who were dealt us ... and deal. 
Amazing adventures we share!  
Os  a father

Jun 14, 2017

Os This New Museum Imagines A World Where Capitalism Is Dead

Pictures from $99+
at our website

Jun 13, 2017

wat you know about  my new sony
i just use it
hair?!  need head-extensions here
Thank you for this camera Dan  
i sold all my swell-enough leftovers

Jun 12, 2017

Read  Naomi Klein  asap!

Jun 5, 2017

Os  us all

Jun 3, 2017

bully's pull-pit . . . silence      +authentic bull-shit

Jun 2, 2017

Lo-Fi Dylan Gautschi    MajorPowers&TheLo-FiSymphony
camera use me ok

Jun 1, 2017

I'm most engaged here now:
I hope you see.  
Os  Bill

May 31, 2017

art-world miss us
on-time Flickr bus
Os ⇆ us

May 27, 2017

trade-offs large
3 times I make moves to get most-all my pictures up at Flickr 
= i lose all previous connections when the old editions are disappeared
luckily for moi - I'm resting my brief diddling cases . . . at Flickr

May 25, 2017
our owned world    full of it
amazing     horror      joy

May 23, 2017


May 21, 2017

Wai you all moved me n mine to a next very good place!!!!! 
It was all worth my li'lbilly-screw-ups!
!: the mouse n keyboard do it all - now that i actually read n did the set-ups!
+: all SuperDuper back-uping in order after the week = in the bank
TimeMachine & CrashPlan rollin
I am one  lucky-to-have-you  goof-baller  Bill

May 16, 2017

! Thank you for all your "good luck" thoughts and acts (re lost files)
cool   it felt like the DalaiLama was actually in the house   well  i never
my Mac came back   with picture-files
I bought a new 4Tb backup
I have a backup to keep at the bank
I have CrashPlan
i have a tendency to want to tidyup   cleanhouse   pushbuttons    leap
suicidal stuff  D   like ice cream   dairy  sugar  n  sitting     
so far so lucky  D    i'm gonna reform   BD

May 15, 2017

Luckily i started reading the Dalai Lama before i diddled my Mac & Lightroom files!
I'm ready for small-files from the website and Flickr!
4x6s anyone?! 🌤️🌈
it's all 'amazing' ...
... it's all 'amazing' ...