Apr 22, 2018

Always a pleasure!  
I loved the parking & entrance hunt - met more folks!
We are historically placed so beyond the village scene - even of the '70s  
Exponentially exploding ingredients ...
Production of any kind of exhibit is way beyond me  $99   
The Internet offers adventures in sharing  connecting   wit small $    
We Be TRUCKIN'...​    Bill​

Apr 21, 2018

Moses (possible) Diversion & Happiness (mine) Project
We cover materials  and +
"Moses Dulberg Dane Design Place"
Rustic Log DayBed with plywood-platform to fit & support 
a  29" x 75" foam mattress  and a body
o boy! ... ?

Apr 19, 2018

"I'm still resting. He's still working on his billdane.com"

Apr 17, 2018

So Lucky meg! 
Dan comes to town with his students from Norway
Shows meg how to work me camera 
Restores me picture-files
Heads for L.A. in a really big bus  full . . .

Apr 15, 2018

Dave, me g-uncle and g-father started Thacher School there in 1889 - came west to save a brother from TB - my mom born there - I played there summers & winter Brakes! rode rich kids' horses - swimming in 'pool' wit thirsty then dead tarantulas - 'adults' so happy to turn us all loose all the hours of all days ... et cetera 

Apr 14, 2018

and if i do a foot-in-mouth-thing while WW suffering earthquakes us all - well ... Blood Me!

Apr 13, 2018

Thank You.

2007, "the internet will get your pictures out-there", monet and nick 
1969, i began getting them out-there with photo-postcard mailings, ~69,000 mailed 
nicholas jarvis powers, sun-in-law, does website, computer-tech, form-content, humor-spirits - music 
everything i want you to see will be here at billdane.com 

you helped me to understand and made me feel a part of something before i could know what it was
patrick walter siler, bill burback, bill mott-smith, ron goldstein, lea anderson
camille zulpo, john szarkowski, joan rosenbaum, diana edkins, henry wessel jr 
ben lifson, john fitzgibbon, tod papageorge, diane arbus, lee friedlander 

for validating my adventure
you, jeffrey fraenkel, frish brandt, elliott linwood, alain dupuy, carlos gollonet
pamela bonino, sandy sammataro phillips, tom garver, marc james leger
ann swidler, jack fischer, dan skjæveland
my everything companion nancy rose dulberg 
monet zulpo-dane, nicholas jarvis powers, esther dulberg dane, moses dulberg dane 

i hope that my sense of this life in the form of these pictures turns out to be worth sharing
grateful bill

Apr 12, 2018

Finally!:  I'll be substituting  "bloody"  for  "fucking"  in my daily discourse.
Before all, I am a Viking-Brit ... outta Africa.
?Why negativize Sex & Mothers & Etc...

Apr 11, 2018

Wyatt Cenac's   "Problem Areas"

Apr 10, 2018

Re: billdane.com   Re-Do​
Nick,  that pre-crash, life-saver, flash-drive with 552, 1500 pxl website picture-files
I added & subtracted a few 
I shall appear for  face-a-face  using words   n hugs
Hope you feel the Bill-pressure  Broo
+: my cloud service is purportedly uploading all my lost picture files @ 5% a day

Apr 9, 2018

I sent you this 1500 pxl file  Rob  because  if shit comes ta more shit   I have some more...
Please print it approx  8"x10"  with a 1/4" border 
song-of-the-barista (canson baryta paper)
li'lbilly's planetary-speck-issues

Apr 8, 2018

OMSpirits!    OhYourGods!
William Thacher Dane  family
both sides  IMMIGRANTS  in 1620 to Massachusetts
At Least   the 'new' folks won't bloody genocide 'us'

Apr 7, 2018

I don't leave you much room to park-in  Sara   wonderful in-law renter of ours
Sorry  trying to leave street-space for our cars to keep the b-ball 'court' open fer kids
Blast me to me face  r behind!     o bill​

Apr 6, 2018

He prints - charges - and never gets blame
i do pay fer me sins Rob   
still   no god
wish i were   and was

Apr 5, 2018

I always assume - in woman-man relations - man's the dumb-ass
always take the woman side - at least for a while
for my mother  I was problems to deal with and solve
I simply want women to like me

Apr 4, 2018

Dear Dan, planetary-sandkorn, li'lbillysyndrom!
I have Not been able to get my files back yet   BUT  the Carbonite team in Maine is helping restore all my picture files to my Mac 
= I will sort out the files-mess in 2, 3 weeks when the process is complete = luckily for you
I just can't help thinking there's a more 'direct-straightforward'
Tweaking-Organizing-Retrieving System available in our world
the complexities of Lr5  coupled with my deformities  is making this stuff awful
teeny-speck-problems here!

Apr 3, 2018

? stereotypical family circuitry  
swell on the road 
faulty switches at home 
be great to see him 
set free is he

Apr 2, 2018

From a Flickr friend:
Puts me in mind of William Carlos Williams  deceptively simple visuals, but with little flashes of amazing depth and imagery.
XXII (original poem title and from the collected works in this book: "Spring and All" (1923)

So much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

San Rafael 2012

Apr 1, 2018

from a friend - leaving our flickr - The Finest.:
Hey Bill. Yes, (extant) and happy you are too. Just rearranged priorities is all. Much more writing and reading, entering contests to get books out, etc. I just finished reading The Vegetarian by Han Kang. Can't recommend that novel strongly enough! Future Nobel laureate, for sure. What a subtle way to foreground animal rights in the literary discourse, turn it into an ostensibly "erotic" novel, a woman after my heart! Spending more money on books than film but happy to find a little Konica I love at the thrift store down the street for twelve bucks. Have realized that bipolar disorder is not the full extent of my diagnosis and am exploring another side of my lifelong difference (within a world of differences) and hope to turn this to a written analysis (sickly Entwicklungsroman type stuff). Flickr I put on the back burner since so many people whose work I have given regular attention to (honestly intended, because I think everyone here I follow is truly fabulous) seemed not to care that I was here one whit. So tra la. World's smallest violin crashes to earth and I stub it out under my cheap shoes. There is fabulousness elsewhere...everywhere, in fact. I think even the Bible knew that. I do Instagram now. I have almost as many followers there as here, should soon pass that number and those people are actually online every day and respond. So I leave here with no guilt, no bitterness, knowing most people on here got more attention than they gave-- present company definitely excepted on that! Thank you so much for your thousand kindnesses on here....it has truly meant a lot and I always praise you when given the chance...or when not given the chance. The praise is actually distinct from the gratitude or amour-propre side of things. It's praise for the artist, apart from the friend. As WCW said after the stroke to a friend on the phone (straining for the words that were now mangled): "You have made a record in my heart."

o dear 
You are the honest  kind  generous ! ! o so gifted worker in our flickr+++ fields
and I met you - shared wonderfulls
Honored to remain your fellow violin-stubber 
Dam - I wish you the deserved audience Bill
No Pictures Offer More Poignance
and i met you = saved my being huge 
I love you Bill.    Grateful  bill
​+: we'll be around​

Mar 30, 2018

Norway-Dan has figured out how to 'possibly' remote-sign pictures printed across the sea
O comrade viking Bror!     Buddhistic rebirth?!      love it

Mar 29, 2018

diddled all my files ... again!  in recovery ... hope you are good enough to be the AG. 
+:  Nick & I are moving re-constructed billdane.com to SquareSpace so I'll have tote control! = dangerous!! billy

Mar 28, 2018

picture-files are finally chuggin' back in from my Carbonite retrieval server ...
planetary-speck-issues @ li'lbilly LLC

Mar 25, 2018

Nick & I are de-re-constructing @ this billdane.com

Mar 24, 2018

oooh they  are they trolls  demons   got me to diddle my picture-files   again
i know it's meself   bror   wee-head   sure cleaned up this mac   again

Mar 23, 2018

Mar 22, 2018

Mar 21, 2018

Black americans are our ancestors 
We Are Family
In the struggle against centuries of our white-supremacist history
This gun violence

Mar 20, 2018

Nick n I    only ones who see this blog       not often
Stay tuned   by the time you're here   their musical will be on stage

Mar 19, 2018

I QUIT facebook             more disgusting from neo-Cons

Mar 18, 2018

Mar 17, 2018

quack quack quack me
pass   until i am home   fool

Mar 16, 2018

I simply do not know how I effect others
Neurosis does not excuse
I am so shamed  sorry for my negative acts   destructive of life
numb   sick of this me    known it before
always - what now?

Mar 15, 2018

5th grade
Mrs. Foote had memorable, thinning hair, wonderful horsey face, she was really, what?, culturally-unattractive.
She was a woman of strength and wisdom. Soul. Beautiful.
I learned to sing in her class, made loved-by-me pictures.
She was somebody Nancy would be say, "This is an ideal teacher".
She valued what we did, quietly.
Acting, me natural stage person. She made sure I was in the school play.
I started playing trombone. Choir guys liked my voice, LA children’s choir.
Luckily? way too complicated, income, travel, etc!
My art experiences​, and most all of the school stuff​ - 5th grade and finished.
Excepting kindergarten, recess, vacations, and Mrs. Mary Foote
I should have done community work, sports, arts
and lived in a boys dormitory, away.

Mar 14, 2018

D, maybe you're doing this to satisfy a govt grant 
Send them the 'dummy' as is
Tell them you're frying bigger fish   
​G​onna expose Norway's slide into capitalist fascism   like us  the euros

Mar 13, 2018

We have the seeds of full-blown fascism right here - always...

Mar 12, 2018

 will I Be  during 'death'

Mar 11, 2018

within me since the zen of 1961   nothing makes more sense

Mar 10, 2018

I Love It     
"What's that  Bill?"    
A semi-pro must righteously edit his doo-doo before spreading it around the town
Grateful   William Of Viking+

"What the fuck are you talking about?"
Sorry  you must wait while I special counsel

Mar 9, 2018

I am going to divorce 'fucking' from negativity
known to swear   childhoody-hangovers
no more 'mother fucker'   'fuckin' asshole'
Where this leads

Mar 7, 2018

565 pictures will be at the billdane.com  yearly drop-down
"The  Picture-Tough-Love-Thing  you have righteously-tactfully pressed fer a decade  Nicholas
I am awake
   Featuring  the appropriate level of me consciousness!  Bro
Grateful  William"

Mar 5, 2018

capitalist cultures-   survival of the medicated  consumer
disease   research   meds   sales      repeat ad nauseam for max profits 
commonists-   eat good   exercise   rest    love     money for basic human needs

Mar 4, 2018

Always good to think of you  n crew
always believe i've finished editing    
comes another wave o' lightness   
so focused in me man cave    
getting the pictures selected and 'adjusted'
this is moving well into my 2nd yr of light waves
it's the coming website makeover     
+ bla bla    and pleasure   like percussion +
​Be well    your all​

Mar 3, 2018

what's crucial is not that I can find a Sherman or Gursky that I like  
but  that my Flickr Favorites pages are loaded 
with beauties that you and the capitalist-art-market-world will never see!

Mar 2, 2018

sick  and editing for new billdane.com    neither a threat to life

Feb 19, 2018

ok swell   I agree to "tiny internet company" terms of endearment:
nav-bar  "pictures"  will be a drop-down  yearly  2018 down to 1969

Feb 18, 2018

nav bar bos mon ser mon œz fah sho:
pictures(dropdown)-darkrooms-shows-speculators-yours truly-connect-blog-thank you    

Feb 17, 2018

 🎶 i am truckin'...   dear nick   dear nick  i work-play  🎶
editing-tweaking  & sequencing  all pictures in chronological order 1969 - 2018  
   the outed stay in my flickr folder   for presentation  ±3 per day  flickr
then  i will title them  001-Berkeley1969  to  ±790-Albany2018  for nav-bar presentation
then  put them in sequenced-mixed-groups  we-sesh-determine  of ±24 - ?? each 🎶 

Feb 16, 2018

¿how am i gonna love  lr5   carbonite  & hard-drives?!    
i cant even find 3 VIABLE lost pic-files!?    
"the shadow knows"!  google that

Feb 15, 2018

i am happy editing   
will have ±1500 at billdane.com  & flickr   & fb  twit
±700 in my "pictures" presentation   
we are thinking the form now
today!  i like nav-bar-menu item "sex"  with a drop-down of  "a thru z" 
that's 26 groups of ±30 each     
probably do a "sex" change
cant find one picture w/o the implication o'  "sex"   abcdefug

Feb 14, 2018

nancy went to work   again   team-dulberg&dane    what a valentine   os
nick is ready to re-build   again   move billdane.com  to squarespace
det skjæveland fixed me lightroom5   again    team-viewer   albany-trondheim
always grateful  bill

Feb 13, 2018

capitalism knows we are most susceptible to our least selves
profit culture   we join in suicidally 
give me candy   fuck me  and the guy who made it
pass the meds
just pluggin' away at 'em   weeding   pruning     maybe a fine bloomin' spring   in my own mind
too fucking busy
get me some dalai lama
"get some your own self"
we're re-toolin' a website here
hella leaps in attention spans predicted fer time travelers to max-mark & out there too  brood
! today you'd have us wit realsters facin' a 49 choice drop-down & slim pickins  no cosmetics?
​you expect truth?​   foooo      take a tutorial @ tic   os      
blucollar bluballers gonna love it      heal me jeezus   asap

Feb 12, 2018

nancy n esther just back from burying the 99 yr father in nyc  jewish rite  plot  
i vacuum    would have fed the cats   if they weren't fucking buried in the backyard   
never saddened by death more   misty n mikey 18 yrs  dependable  trustworthy  companions
more to come   to weigh 

Feb 11, 2018

so what?!   whiteboyhaha :
  close to done editing all picture-files 'salvaged' since '69
  in '07 = digital switch  i chose 777 negatives to scan n save  dumpstered the rest
why leave stuff others might believe should be edited pm   etcetera
so  i have hoarded ± 1599 picture-files to edit
nick n i will soon figureout the present form for our new squarespace billdane.com
o  boys  will do harmless stuff    love it

Feb 10, 2018

best regimen for old farts wit edema n etcetera - add the mayo please

Feb 9, 2018

well  fuck me n nick    trail blockage    billdane.com hike   search n rescue shit  do-do bros

Feb 6, 2018

it is about  "± amazed"    and fun  riotous    true or no:
nick probably thinks that i think our ±100 website building sessions these 10 years
he thinks i think they're all about me and my pictures    hours and hours
i have my moments
but  really   i always feel   think  love   it's about him   and his multi-fantastics!
the man is actually amazing

Feb 5, 2018

more fun
i  'happened'  to write nick today    re our current total website remake
"... thank ya jesus (the name is related to the hebrew verb root √yšʿ "rescue, deliver")..."
find  nicholas jarvis powers    i found him at my daughter's

Feb 4, 2018

my pictures
it's always about  "±amazed"  and  "thank you all"   bill

Feb 3, 2018

is it ever 'correct'

Feb 2, 2018

i am an issue   for now n later

Feb 1, 2018

"me too"
to any woman i have humiliated in any way  and to any degree
i apologize  bill

Jan 31, 2018

+ humans' et cetera
"me too"  et  mostly  we feel what we do
i apologize  bill       

Jan 24, 2018

billybungy is back-on   21 minutes daily   mello truckin'...   out back

Jan 23, 2018

& do tell portside-alternet-truth out  to do some arts diggin'    feedbuzz

Jan 21, 2018

i happily retire from family planning
we righteously go our ways

o dear
i must say
li'lbilly parental mfg&service    maybe a 5 
nancy dulberg  the best i know
nancy  i chose

Jan 20, 2018

o spirits
get to go thru this
live what's next      ?

Jan 19, 2018

"tweakers" do meth +
now  they do slider-bars  p-shop  lr5     epidemic stuff
i sniff it

Jan 18, 2018

flying back to it
could be sleepish reveries   pictures   brorbilly    bare muligens
you do have a way of considering cul-de-sac trails to adventure me out
i dread gifts that are beyond me out
i know what i want    dare you to ask        better to float  fasho      fun

Jan 17, 2018

i love you  period    it is an amazing adventure     you are who you are  fine 
i'm done parenting      don't talk humiliating stuff    i'm outsourcing bullshit
and  if you can't find all ways to honor and respect your mother 
do your shit the fuck outta my sight and hearing    love  dad billdane.com

Jan 13, 2018

closed my sick zucker stuff  fb
then kept it picture-open

Jan 3, 2018

waiting for that feel o' confluences to open my old-new Fuji X-T20 
o  pleasures   y aún frígido
lucky me  thank you   
mint new-old beauty-machine Fuji X-T20 w/18-135 i zoom

ok   not perfect here   let the spirits crush li'lpinkbutt
i found the x-t20 fuji  on ebay   used   i bid 1/2 price   got it
box came   too fired up   can not open yet   watching omar's utube videos

Jan 1, 2018

1938-20??  w t d

"humbled - i did not fix my funky ingredients"  li'lbillylazycowardboy

goin' wit billdane.com   cremation    no buttery bullshit bro-ha-ha    put me-misty-mikey +

Dec 31, 2017

i wanted to be a badass fucker
'50s   beach-sand-kicked-in-my-face    turnaround-asskicker     ho ho
years go
i just wanted to be a good fucker
the psych of me  demands hormones impotence sex love anger size control giving +?+   
unholy shit mix
too often   too-soon  squirts n done shit

i am one lucky fucker     billdane.com

Dec 28, 2017

Canna-gella oil from RaheNi  os us

Dec 25, 2017

ditt skjæveland galleri
så bra
flyr der oppe
o  dan
bli sparken  bror

Dec 17, 2017

The Pere Ubu Story with David Thomas

thank you marc james leger for the ぺれ うぶ to worship

Dec 10, 2017

most remarkable event with brother frank and me
next-to  finally chasing me around the yard in red head fury  1949  escaped
2016 frank was in  not-fun  advanced dementia   all functions
at his fine communal care place  we were eating dining room lunch
i was self entertainingly word poking the infamous aggressive old guy
as he ritualistically ordered women out of their seats - they were his seats!
out of the dining area - frank stops - looks stern at me
don't fuck around   these are my people

Dec 9, 2017

just head resting . . . . . me too

Dec 8, 2017

you up!   i lie down.
i lie down wit my .com    braketime   10 years   not tired   billdane.com
bet i get the d5600/18-140 = faux-affordable = fony-unentitling
and remember this
pleie / forsiktig med hva du sier  bror
i love love this  billdane.com   
gå lett med meg

Dec 7, 2017

amidst the very humongous shitloads of human natural conundrums n ghastlies
we have our teeny leaps of joys n quantums  to share   billdane.com

Dec 6, 2017

if i pop out of a cake naked 
i finally learned how to eat marijuana 
it will be on utube
we 'finished' this  billdane.com today, 10 years, nick+ and bill+  up n down ... up   over
(( i never could smoke it ))